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Buying a Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Updated: May 8, 2018

There are many brands of Gis out there that fit many different styles and body types. I have my own preferences in brands due to my personal style, fit and budget. My favorite brand is Hayabusa (no they do not sponsor me). One of the reasons is that they offer a Gi option with little to no markings on it. Of course they have loud and branded up Gis but they do offer the stealth version. I like my Gi to be white and with very little patches and look as traditional as possible, the Hayabusa Stealth serves that purpose for me.

Another reason that I prefer this Gi is that I like the fit and the material it is made of. The sleeves and pants are cut well for a nice look and the material feels great on the skin. If you have been practicing jiu jitsu for a while you will start to notice that no two Gis fit the same even though they are the same size, some shrink in how water, some don't, some fit great right away some fit better after the 4th wash. There will be some trouble shooting involved. Finally, the price, yes this Gi is affordable you can still grab it on Amazon for $99.00. It is important especially for a new student on a budget to not get fooled into buying a $250.00 Gi, there is no need for it. Get a nice traditional white Gi that serves the same purpose, they are easy to keep clean, they look good and wont break the bank. No matter what brand you pick make sure it fits well, and is affordable.

Below are several other affordable Gi options on Amazon.

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